At Robinson Removal Services, we understand the difficult of fitting a square peg in a round hole! Due to varying circumstances, not all of the contents from your old premises have a home in your new premises.

We pride ourselves on being a full turnkey removal service, and feel it’s important that we can provide any solution to our customers regardless of their unique circumstances. As part of that service, we offer 24/hour CCTV secure storage for those possessions that need a safe home until you’re ready for them.

Our storage facilities are fully insured and guarded around the clock, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your property is completely secure. We offer both short-term & long-term solutions to suit your requirements, pick them up whenever you’re ready!

Storage services from Robinson Removals

What types of storage facilities do you offer?

Carton Containers

Our carton container storage facilities are ideal to suit the vast majority of items that are regularly stored away. In regard to the conditions inside of the container, think of it like inside your garage, so as you can imagine, there are few items that aren’t appropriate for those types of conditions. The containers measure 500 cubic feet, roughly the equivalent of a 3.5 tonne Luton van.

Sealed, Air-Conditioned Units

For more luxury/ valuable items, or those which are particularly sensitive to their surroundings, our sealed air-conditioned units are ideal. The units are sealed air-tight to protect from condensation & damp, and are fullyair-conditionedd to allow you to set the perfect temperature for suit the needs of your belongings. These units are ideal for those who are unlikely to make regular visits and need to rest assured that their property will be as they left it, regardless of how long it’s left there. Similar to the Carton containers, the air-conditioned units provide 500 cubic feet of storage.

Benefits of using Robinson Removal Services Storage Facilities

  • 24/hour manned, CTTV secure facilities
  • Available for short-term & long-term rent
  • Full disassembly & reassembly services provided to ensure you’re making the most out of your space
  • Fully sealed & air-conditioned options available to ensure the quality of your possessions
  • Storage boxes provided to add that extra layer of protection & space saving
  • Transportation to & from the storage facility



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Robinson Removal Services - Office or Home Storage

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