Moving guide 1: preparation for house removal part 1.
  • Source strong reliable boxes with good tape (cutting costs here could be fatal if you have self-packed
  • Label boxes with a number that corresponds with a number of the room in your new home where you wish your items to be placed by a removal team
  • Layer the bottom of the box with paper and don’t pack your boxes more than 3/4 full
  • Bring items down from the loft
  • Check behind and under furniture for loose items
  • Start packing your garage and move plants to a convenient spot near exit if possible
  • Cover screens and monitors with bubble or card before transport
  • Wrap all bottle thoroughly in paper
  • Use smaller compact boxes for books or plates
  • Find out whether the owners of your new home are using a removals service.
  • Find out what time your key release is expected
  • Move boxes away from gangways or exits to allow swift passage through your house on removal day. “Keep stairs clear”
How to avoid unexpected moving costs

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